Room No. 3 set out to be a game changer in the retail boutique category by focusing on delivering a unique, relaxing, high-touch customer experience. The store changes seasonally to reflect a getaway one might take on a holiday to a summer shoreline or a chalet in the mountains.

Create a retail experience that goes beyond simple and elegant, where women can experience
a form of retail therapy from the moment they walk in to the moment they leave.

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Logo Design / Environment / Experience Design / Print


To truly make womens feel relaxed beautiful and pampered, you have to unretail the retail experience.

We developed the campaign idea of “Unlock Your Beauty,” which led to a French Country inspired
store environment. For signage and label design, we developed a unique pillow shape as a nod to the sleepwear
and intimate side of Room No. 3. Everything from the store’s furnishings to the sophisticated
typography on business cards, intimates beauty and comfort.