Company owner Matt Mogol’s 5-year old daughter was always distracted by the keyboard when Skyping with her grandma. “I cut a piece of cardboard and placed it over the keyboard and the laptop cover was born. Now, she can talk with her grandma without hitting the wrong button and wondering why grandma suddenly went bye-bye.”

Name and brand entrepreneur Matt Mogol’s new invention for kids. But first, develop a company name for Matt that felt as fresh as his ideas.

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The more you can avoid using the word “no” with a young child, the better, so goes one school of thought. From this notion, the idea of “Positive Play” became our guidepost.

We named Matt’s laptop cover “kid lid” for it’s rhyming value as well as for it’s memorable, quirky-fun quality. It’s descriptive and evocative all in one. By simply adding the letter o to the end of Matt’s last name, we created a playful company name that was uniquely flexible enough to allow Matt to move across CPG categories easily. The same spirit of playfulness led us to the simple and direct tagline, “Go Wonder.”