Matter (formerly known as Hope for the City) is a unique non-profit focused on identifying needs all over the world and meeting those needs using cast-off material resources.

Although operating successfully for over 10 years, the organization felt things had stagnated, and looked to Latitude to help widen their donor base, especially among Millennials.

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Campaign Development / Digital / Print Production


The name Hope for the City did not reflect the transformation of lives affected by the work they were doing, let alone the fact they had evolved from a city to an international non-profit organization.

We helped Matter define and succinctly articulate their core belief that the simple act of being resourceful can change the world. Everything stemmed from this idea of resourcefulness. The name itself has multiple meaning. Matter being the things and stuff they work with, but also the fact they help people matter. It is both literal and figurative. Much like the logo. It’s a letter M for Matter. It’s a directional arrow, pointing upwards to signify optimism and improvement. And, in the true spirit of resourcefulness, it’s also designed to look like a box, the literal interpretation of what they deal in—boxes of material goods.