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Fleuri Bakery: A Haitian Community Empowered

Recently, Healing Haiti presented us with an exciting task: Develop a brand for a bakery/trade school in the village of Titanyen that will not only provide villagers with daily nourishment, but will also teach them the trade of baking. We were given some guidelines. The branding had to feel collective and empowering. It would have to be able to stand for something even larger than the business itself, should Healing Haiti decide to expand the initiative in the future. Oh, and just one more thing. The name had to be translated to Creole—the official language of the Haitian people.


We sharpened our pencils and filled our walls and notebooks with ideas. We explored far and wide and until we ran out of room. Hundreds of names and sketches later, we had it. The empowerment and continuum of growth that this establishment would soon bring to an entire community could be distilled into a single word: flourish. And the moment it was translated to Creole, the stars aligned. Flourish became Fleuri. Now the name needed a look and feel. Inspired by the hearts and faith of the Haitian people, a beautiful mark made of vibrant colors began to fill the pages of a brand book.


The end of this project at Latitude marks the beginning of a life-changing effort that will offer physical, economic and spiritual nourishment to the people of Titanyen for generations to come.

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