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Can business be a catalyst to change the world?

We’d like to think so. Strike that, we know so.

Latitude invests 50% of its profits to empower people around the world living in extreme poverty.
  • Gonaives, Haiti

    Siltane is bold and brave

    A fierce Haitian girl who bravely escaped from slavery at the age of 12, Siltane lives in Gonaives, Haiti and is able to thrive in school because she is well fed.

    Siltane is one of the recipients of 1,400,052 meals that Latitude has been able to provide for people without access.
    Category: Food
  • Kakata, Liberia

    One less worry for Nathanial

    Nathanial lives in Kakata, Liberia where clean water was all but non-existent. Thanks to a well put in at his school, he no longer has to worry about getting consistently sick from drinking dirty water.

    Nathanial is one of 102,229 people who have clean water for life because of wells provided on behalf of clients engaging with Latitude.
    Category: Water
    Living Water Well Details
    Living Water Well Details
  • Titanyen, Haiti

    Isaac’s dreams are taking flight

    Isaac wants to be a pilot when he grows up. Now that he has the opportunity to go to school in his home town of Titanyen, Haiti, he’ll be empowered to soar higher than he ever imagined.

    Isaac is one of 2,630 children who have had the opportunity to go to school because of people who believe business can change the world.
    Category: Education
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

    Jose is all business

    Living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jose works hard to provide for her family. Because of a microloan, she was able to diversify her product offerings from beans and embers, to include corn and plantain dough. In turn, she was able to increase her income by 80%.

    Jose is one of 1,251 loan recipients who have been empowered through our partnership with Opportunity International.
    Category: Microloans
  • Bangalore, India

    A new beginning for Rani’s family

    Rani and her siblings were rescued from a brick factory in Bangalore, where they were forced to work up to 20 hours a day in sweltering heat and horrendous conditions. She is grateful to be free and being cared for in programs that will help them recover.

    Rani, is one of 853 people rescued through the partnership between Latitude, our clients, and International Justice Mission.
    Category: Freedom
    Latitude Rescue 4 Photo
    Latitude Rescue 4 Photo
  • Titanyen, Haiti

    Get Well Soon Widlene

    Widline is one of the hundreds of people who now have health care because of Grace Clinic that was built in partnership with Healing Haiti in Titanyen. Latitude was thrilled to partner with Matter to equip the clinic with cutting edge technology and equipment that isn’t typically available in Haiti.

    On average 35 people are seen daily by the nurses, doctors, x-ray technician and lab technician at the clinic, ensuring health for people who previously had few options when feeling sick or needing care.
    Category: Freedom

Since 2009, we’ve invested more than $2.5MM
to empower women and children in extreme poverty.

Yes, elevating your brand feels pretty darn good. But elevating people in need?

There’s no feeling quite like that.

Impact at a Glance

Investment Areas

Investment Areas

We invest in sustainable local and global community building categories, strategically selected to make the greatest impact possible. Click an icon to see a category summary of our global impact to date.

Click an icon to see the impact.

Using business to change the world is kind of our thing.

You can make it yours, too.

Experience first-hand the difference your business is making for women and children all around the world. Join us on our next Insight Trip.

Insight Trip

Port Au Prince, Haiti

You’re invited to join clients, employees and other friends of Latitude to serve with Healing Haiti in Port Au Prince, Haiti.