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FLERI series 3 of 3


This week, we put our February Impact Card in the mail.  In it, we feature the very special story of a young man named Shadley. Shadley works at Fleri, the Bakery & Job Creation Center that has come to fruition in the last 2 years.

When Shadley heard we wanted to share his story, he asked if he could share it himself. So, without further ado,

“My name is Shadley Guillaume. I am really happy to be able to share my story. At six years old, after my father passed away, my mother didn’t have the possibility to care for me, send me to school, or give me food, so she put me in an orphanage. By the Grace of God, the director of the orphanage came and found a contact with Healing Haiti and they decided to come help us. December 22, 2011 I came to live at Grace Village when I was just thirteen years old. There was so much joy in my heart to come make this new little family in this beautiful place. They sent us to school, gave food, and responded to all our needs. It was a great opportunity and we lived for some years with respect for each other. I grew up and became mature enough for them to put me in the program called transition. In this program, Jake decided to work alongside me and I love when I work with him. Now, I have gotten the opportunity to get a job at Fleri. If I become someone someday it is because of the Grace of God and Healing Haiti. I always pray for the staff Jeff, Jean Fils-aime, Jake, Latitude, and all the sponsors that always are there to help me.” 

With aspirations like these, we’re pretty sure Shadley will continue to rise and flourish as time goes on. Many of his opportunities are a direct result of your partnership, and you continue to change lives like his, each and every day. Thank you.

For more information on the Fleri Bakery, please visit:


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