Uptop Films is a Minneapolis based film production company that prides itself on being able to do more with less, producing astonishing results that far exceed expectations.

Founders Joe Kessler and Ryan Grams came to Latitude with a clear objective, to use their recent successes as the catalyst to take their business to a whole new level. They knew locking down their brand identity would be crucial to achieving this goal.

Brand Design / Brand Strategy / Naming / Logo Design / Positioning / Campaign / Interactive / Print


Highly technical production companies are a dime a dozen. Mad skills aside, we quickly learned from working with Joe and Ryan ourselves, that pure joy for what they do, and an almost unnatural ability to make real people feel comfortable in front of the camera was their secret weapon for achieving quality work.

We reimagined the entire brand identity starting with encouraging a name change from
Square One to the more evocative name Uptop Films. The visual identity was inspired by
the “age of flight” and classic toys from the 1950s. The color palette is heavily influenced by
pulp fiction magazine covers of the same era. Born of these inspirations, we brought the
brand to life through a complete identity system and a website—


“They didn’t try to change who we are. Instead, they went deep to truly understand us. Our new identity truly reflects who we are and why we do what we do—and they set us up to live it out everyday. ”

- Ryan Grams, Uptop Films