Solomon365 is advancing board leadership by merging time-tested principles of self-governance and the latest in digital technology.

They asked us to build a brand architecture and visual identity that can take what is layered and complex and simplify it to cast a vision for greater responsibility in organizational leadership.

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Positioning / Logo Design / Campaign / Interactive / Print


We dove deep into the issue, talking to top CEOs, experts and academics to understand the trust crisis and how Solomon365’s solution reverses the tide. “Defend Trust” was conceived as its brand idea and serves as a call to leaders everywhere.

Trust is defended through the illumination of wisdom as visualized in the “prism” logomark—reflecting all the facets of a complex system unified in a simple circle forming a shield.


“Latitude lead an amazing effort to build our brand into a next generation experience. Not only that, they helped clarify and crystalize our offering.”

- Founder and CEO, Solomon365