Sneaker Freaker is an Australian-based publisher of sneaker-based content. Packer Shoes is a boutique athletic retailer in Teaneck, NJ. Both influential in feeding style trends in the highly niche sneakerhead culture. Partnering with Puma, the Bloodbath collaboration is the fourth, and last, limited release of a shark-themed collaboration.

Concept and produce a pop-up store for the Puma + Sneaker Freaker + Packer Shoes collaboration: Bloodbath.

Experience Design / Environment / Visual Merchandising / Print

The Solution

We imagined The Hattery, a 700 square foot space which is part of The Refinery Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, that was reminiscent of an impending shark attack. From fixtures like a massive chum cage and shark viewing cage to a full size lifeguard chair and bottom lit museum display case, everything provided an experiential environment that was highly shoppable.

Sneakerheads attacked the product by buying out every piece of merchandise available in just two days, leaving in their wake nothing but a bloodbath.


“From the original concept to the collaborative process, killer execution . . . it was a fun one.”

- Senior Director of Marketing, Puma North America