Walt “Clyde” Frazier made a name for himself with his basketball skills and his funky fresh style. After more than 40 years, what started as the first shoe endorsed by an athlete has continued to resonate with generations of style influencers.

Puma asked Latitude to create a space that could function as a media event space for panel discussions, as well as a retail experience for the release of the new Clyde Wraith shoe.

Experience Design / Environment / Visual Merchandising / Print


Leaning into Clyde’s swagger on and off the court, we set out to create an environment that provided a modern homage to the history of Clyde and his shoe. Museum-inspired vignettes showcased rare and exclusive memorabilia, like Clyde’s bodacious suit and an archive of 40 years of limited released Clyde sneakers.

The demand kept the shop open for three days longer than initially planned, while social feeds filled with images of people interacting with and reflecting on Clyde and his legacy.


“…From his bodacious suits to his long extensive archive of Puma Clyde sneakers, the Foot Locker event space covered all things Frazier from past to present.”

– Roger Krastz, XXL Magazine