OXX Coffeeboxx is the world’s first coffee brewer designed for outdoor use—on construction sites in particular. Drop, dust, crush, rust and spill proof, it’s just plain cool, yet makes a piping hot cup of coffee, even when it’s a frigid -20º.

OXX turned to us to develop the brand from scratch and to create an idea platform
ready to go for crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and big box retailer pitches.

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Positioning / Logo Design / Campaign / Interactive / Visual Merchandising / Packaging


This coffee brewer can’t be put in the same category as one that sits on a kitchen counter. It’s really more of a tool or piece of gear as important for workers to have on the job as their hardhat or tool belt.

We created an iconic look to reinforce the extreme brand tone (Beyond Rugged),
compliment the product’s name and design, and most importantly, speak to tough,
no nonsense construction workers. At every touchpoint is a graphic ox head,
designed to be confident, striking and bold.


“Epic effort from everyone involved.”

- Michael Murray, SVP Account Management