Healing Haiti asked us to name and brand a Bakery and Job Creation center in Titanyen that will provide villagers the opportunity to learn the art of baking, as well as other life and business skills.

The knowledge and experience gained will enable participants to provide for themselves and their families. While the walls were being built in Haiti, we set out to create a brand that would be as uplifting as the bakery’s purpose.

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Positioning / Logo Design / Naming / Packaging / Environment / Print


The empowerment of this endeavor was distilled into a single word: Fleri, the Creole word for flourish. With that, a name was born. Inspired by the hearts and faith of the Haitian people, bright and beautiful branding was brought to life by our team.

Fleri will make a difference in the village of Titanyen. It’s a life-changing continuum that will provide physical, economic and spiritual nourishment for generations to come. Just as bread will rise in the oven, so will the lives of those who make it.