Brightpeak Financial identified a brand new way to sell insurance – on shelf at specialty retailers. In addition to launching a new insurance product, they needed to educate a skeptical audience on a brand new way to purchase insurance.

Brightpeak turned to Latitude to create a name, brand identity system and package design for their insurance product, supported by in-store, digital and print communication.

Brand Design/ Campaign Development/ Visual Merchandising/ Packaging / Print Production


Buying insurance is a daunting, confusing, if not an altogether horrible experience. No one wants to talk about it, much less purchase it. Making insurance approachable could result in a whole new paradigm.

We created a pleasant, three-dimensional package, designed to look like it might contain an actual product, like a scented candle. We gave the “product” a friendly, evocative name (with a nod to how it opens) and designed an appropriately uplifting logo.