The Barclay Center is a highly trafficked arena in the heart of Brooklyn, and home to one of the most popular teams in the NBA. It also houses the Nets’ Lifestyle Shop, which sells Nets branded apparel and shoes.

adidas hit us up to create a tighter connection with Brooklyn Nets fans by dressing up the Brooklyn Nets Lifestyle Shop in the Barkley Center.

Visual Merchandising/ Print Product/ Fulfillment/ Fixtures


The Lifestyle shop is as much a reflection of the team, as it is Brooklyn, one of the coolest urban areas in the world. Staying true to Brooklyn’s urban roots would be how we delivered and represented.

We brought to life what makes Brooklyn hip, and created an in-store environment where
fans could have interesting spaces to interact with the brand. The in-store experience included a
custom-painted Nets logo, LED backed custom dyed wood structure and gigantic vinyl graphics.
From logistics and sourcing to prototyping and production, we handled it all.


“From kickoff to installation, all parties collaborated to realize the vision for this project.”

- Megan Dooley, Account Director